Workshop – Party Decor

party decor


A workshop is on its way for all the friends of Daydreamland!

Today I am really happy, I was looking forward to tell you about this event.

What are you going to do on May 20th at 6 PM? Come and visit me in Milan at Spazio Eclisse – Donna CreAttiva in via Stoppani 20.

Summer is approaching, why don’t we celebrate it together? This workshop will surely give you many original ideas to create a theme party.

Do you want to learn how to make my baubles?

What can you do with an origami?

We will set up a buffet along with garlands, cake toppers, cadeau, cutlery origami container and many small ideas.

Wear something yellow or purple and don’t forget to use the hashtag #wearehere #daydreamland

Info e prenotazioni:
Silvia 3477333024

Giovanna 3338356336

I’ll be waiting for you

Top exhibitions and the love for Impressionism

pissarro impressionism


One after another, like cherries.

I’m talking about the exhibitions of Impressionists that are crowding our cities in recent months.

After Monet in Pavia and Renoir at GAM, you’re still in time to see Pissarro at the Stables of the Visconti Castle, Pavia, until June 2nd. Well, if you, like me, lost some exhibitions you can still fix it.

Oh and don’t forget, May 4 will be the last day ofTowards Monet” in Vicenza.

These are probably the most visited exhibitions and the most strategic too; Impressionism by its very nature is easily recognizable and enjoyable. Who doesn’t remember when in school we studied Manet, Monet and Renoir and have enjoyed the use of colors, the immersion in nature bathed in sunshine, the studies of ever-changing lighting conditions.

Yet the same Manet, Monet and Pissarro did not enjoy great fame among their contemporaries; labeled and derided, accused of making paintings that were rough and unfinished, like “palette scrapings”, they were rejected but maybe it’s among them that we find the germ of the painting of the twentieth century.

Can we find here the focus of modern art?

I have seen several Impressionists exhibitions and yet I’ve never been to the Musée d’ Orsay and this is the first note that I will write on my agenda, hoping to tick it soon!

brooche handmade atelier de fer

Artisan Cocktails with Atelier de Fer

When we see a project we always ask where it was born, where is the source of inspiration. If you think about it, the answer is often the same, and very simple: the idea was born by chance, maybe while doing something else or simply chatting. We should then be curious to know on what basis a newborn idea can grow and develop, how it can be supported and brought forward.

Talking to Fernanda Muniz (her friends call her Fer) from Atelier de Fer I discovered that from a simple cloth, folded and turned here and there, something wonderful is born.

Lazzari Spring 2014 15

Lazzari – Made with care in Italy



The sun pops out and I eat an ice cream! And what if the rain takes me by surprise? I get dressed in yellow and smile waiting for the sun to shine. I take a dip in the waves and if I encounter a shark … soon he’ll be the one to be afraid!
Lazzari’s Spring / Summer 2014 collection is the triumph of imagination. Among cats, funny glasses and cardboard record player, here’s a line that’s fresh, fun and playful.



Be my Valentine

photo: Giovanna Rotundo

From the archive of my first blog in this Valentine’s Day week it’s with pleasure that I propose you the recipe for hot chocolate from my dear friend Maria Rita !
Last year I made ​​this picture and my post was also hosted on Emanuela’s blog – Riccioli di cioccolato.
Are you a fan of chocolate, are you a sweet tooth, are you curious? You can’t miss her blog and her stories about the “places of cocoa”.
An idea to replicate? Serve the hot chocolate in small glass jars … it will be something different!

So many hearts to you all

Happy Valentine’s Day

With Love

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

valentine baubles by daydreamland

Valentine baubles for Pretty Box

Hello friends, to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day week, today I’ll tell you about Pretty Box and the window display I made!
Here is the post that Ilaria (she’s so sweet!) dedicated to my work.


Valentine Box

How long since I last wrote on the blog!!! Maybe lately I’ve spent more time on Instagram and Facebook than here, and if you follow me you probably already know a few things that I’m about to tell you.
Busy days, perfume of flowers, full of colors, with so many readings and art books …
I know, it sounds a bit mysterious, so for now I will just tell you about my little project: “Valentine Box”.


Instagram, my baubles and me


A couple of months ago I tried to make a paper “bauble” and… it was true love!

Sometimes you have to think a bit about things until you find the right inspiration. That’s how I started using my “chiffon” baubles to decorate Christmas packages, bags and cadeaux; to decorate the Christmas tree and the Advent calendar, as you saw in the post.

I posted many small projects directly on Instagram but who doesn’t follow me didn’t have a chance to see the pictures (do you have an account on Instagram?). So I collected all the photos in a gallery of images, where you will find my baubles, of different colors and sizes.

Do you like them? On my e-shop you can buy them on sale, 30% off, in the red with white polka dots variant, and soon you will find all the others.

Do you have any other idea? How would you use them?


bags made in italy

Benedetta Bruzziches: fairy tales made in Italy

It happens on Instagram while you are following friends, to discover wonderful things: places to visit, recipes to try, new contacts and many wonderful snapshots. And then you find, in a picture, a captivating and bizarre juxtaposition: a bag, a clutch with an unusual taste in shades of pink, with a pair of red Superga shoes. I could not avoid investigating! That’s how I knew Benedetta Bruzziches and its collection S/S2014 .


Sale on daydreamland eshop

There’s a big sale on daydreamland!!! Come and visit my e-shop, insert the SALE2014 disconut code to have 30% OFF on all the items!!!

I’m waiting for you!


Origami Christmas Tree

Origami Christmas Tree

I love origami so much, and I got so involved with them in recent months, that I couldn’t avoid offering you this simple tutorial to make a fir tree, one of the symbols of Christmas. You too can have your own personal paper Christmas tree and put it wherever you like, hang it up, make a wreath, make one really small tree or a very large one.

codice sconto 20%

Christmas sale on daydreamland eshop

Do you know my e-shop?

You’ll find tags to customize your holidays, decorations for your Christmas tree and for your home.

All products are handmade with great care by me.

Starting today you can have 20% off on every purchase and to all countries!!!

Use our discount code SALE20

I’m waiting for you.

Merry Christmas!!!

handmade advent calendar daydreamland

My Advent Calendar

My Advent Calendar? Here it is! I did it some days ago and I couldn’t wait to show it to you. It’s spontaneous, I enriched it day by day: for example, I was making tags for my e-shop and so I tried to hang them to the calendar with some two-tone twine.

come una diva anni cinquanta

Vintage! La moda che vive due volte

Here comes an intense period, the holiday season, Christmas and its preparations, gifts, dinners, aperitifs with friends to get the best wishes, markets and workshops. Today we mark an appointment to which you must not miss: December 6-7-8 Vintage Fair in Reggio Emilia.

the little red house

Ideas for Advent Calendar

Last week I prepared my advent calendar, which I’ll show you in the next post. Now, however, I would like to show you some photos from around the world to give you some ideas. Maybe you can take inspiration to build your own calendar.
You only have a few days left, but you only need some imagination… you don’t need expensive materials, but only a bit of love!

What do you think? What’s your favorite one?


daydreamland e-shop

Daydreamland e-shop!

I’m delighted to announce that my e-shop is officially open!
I’ve thought about it for a while, or maybe for a lot, actually I don’t remember when I had this idea, maybe when someone told me “Why do not you sell your drawings?”
But then in time my tastes changed and my passions have taken other directions, for example  making decorations for the holidays, realize and take pictures of small sets, enriching them with details.
Do you remember the previous posts, for example the Autumn Set ? Well now you can have it, from my online shop! You can buy individual parts like garlands, tags or confetti, or decide to replicate the entire set!
Some Christmas products will be available soon, but for now you can have a preview.
I’m waiting for you and if you have any question please feel free to email me.

set design, styling, photography : Giovanna Rotundo

Autumn set and free printable recipe

Do you remember my autumn dinner? After making my first animated GIF  I’m now going to show you more detailed photos of the set that I made, I hope you’ll like them and they’ll be a source of inspiration!


Of women and flowers

Let’s try together to interpret this new trend; what do you think? Do you like flowers? Yes, but which flowers?

I’ve seen for a while this new idea on Pinterest, this new concept is also an original way of thinking about floral arrangements.

Is there a lover of flowers among you? Because I’s be glad to talk about it again, I really have a thousand questions.


Autumn colours set

Hello and good week everyone!

I’m so happy I can show you this animated GIF at last!
I couldn’t wait, I made it with Microsoft GIF Animator so I can now show you the last set that I made.

What’s it all about? Whoever follows me on my Instagram profile  has already caught a glimpse of something, but I kept the best hidden. Have a peek , I’ll show you detailed photos and all the details in the next post!

christmas 2013 issue ferm

Good reads

It’s never too early to think about Christmas, especially these days. Ok , Halloween is coming with provoking us with its irreverence, scaring us and making us smile, but Christmas has its own charm. Here are some issues from which we can take inspiration to plan the decorations of 2013!


Magical tents for cuddly moments

Photography by Jeltje Janmaat


I like the idea of featuring a post from my first blog that had a good feedback and was greatly appreciated, where I described one of the things that has more appeal in recent times: there is no home, room or corner where you do not want to recreate

project: giovanna rotundo - daydreamland

We are here

From which part of the world do you read me?

I was wondering… each of us right now is behind the screen of a computer, a tablet, a smartphone: I write and you read me, but where are you?
I’m writing from Milan as you already know (see my about!) And you? Tell me your town, city and country and together we’ll discover that, near or far, WE ARE HERE!
Do you like this graphic? I would like to make some postcards so I can send them to all my friends, what do you think?


Illustration by Lee White

Lee White – Illustration 2

Illustration by Lee White

It’s spectacular and there is a cat!
I found this beautiful illustration on Pinterest thanks to the “lightness” board of Giuliana  and I wanted to share it with you!
It’s by Lee White, a children’s book illustrator. You can have a look at his works here!

Have a nice weekend!

tiger stationery

A house is… a Tiger box

Hello, I live at number 8, at Tiger house!
A few days ago on my Instagram profile (if you still do not follow me here is the link I posted a picture titled “I got home”: it has red roof tiles, walls in pink and white stripes , a little flower on the window and a bird on the door. What do I want more? Ah, there’s also a cat!


Alia Penner photography

What bright colors, what fantasy, and how much joy in these photos!
The impact is very strong and you can’t avoid adoring this photo shoot.
When I saw them for the first time I stopped to look at them a bit. They gave me joy and I felt there was something artistic in the air.


Mercanti in viaggio

You know very well that I like to find events here and there and if I could, I would go and look around everywhere, meet new people and learn about their stories, their collections of objects, their products or artifacts.
Today I want to highlight Mercanti in viaggio, a wonderful event about Vintage, handmade, design, new trends, vinyl, swing music and vintage happy hour, which will be held on October 5th and 6th in the beautiful setting of Quistini Castle and its gardens, in Franciacorta.

garland decoration

Remember to smile

Let’s smile all together, will you? I’ll do!

Today I’ll show you some shots directly from my desk … I made this composition some time ago, I’d say it dates back to June, when I worked on the patterns for my new blog (by the way, have you ever noticed that you can customize my blog appearance by choosing the colors you prefer?), and so playing and experimenting I began to build these big letters with a “soft” shape… a “roundy” shape.

fashion week - pinterest hub

Pinterest and Fashion Week Hub

Glossy magazines, once the one and only oracle for fashion followers who wanted to know the proposals on the catwalks for next season, have been overcome to a large extent by technology. While thumbing through the web pages of major magazines you are watching streaming fashion shows, and some of you are already looking at photos directly on their smartphone… but how?

Through the Pinterest Hub!!!

New York, London, Milan, Paris… a selected number of boards of brands, magazines, fashion designers who post on social networks runway pictures, backstage shots, street style and many, many details.
You just have to hurry and find out the latest news for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 season, and get ready because the Milan Fashion Week will start on September 18th!

summer sweet popsicles

The popsicle melts


What was the star of this summer? Definitely the popsicle! And it still is… after all, summer is not really over.
The popsicle is a consolation, a shelter, a snack, a small moment of relief… but it’s not only this, it’s a set of fresh flavors and bold combinations that are new for you to discover, and why not try to prepare at home.

mantova eventi mostra vintage

Voglia di Vintage – Mantova

Why not pop in Mantua in the coming days? Guests can enjoy a city that is a gem, but also events such as the Festivaletteratura (festival of literature) in the period from 4 to 8 September; and for fans of the vintage, the third edition of Voglia di Vintage.

Voglia di Vintage is an Exhibition scheduled on 6-7-8 September in Piazza Virgiliana.

Chanel Haute Couture FW 13/14

Chanel Haute Couture F/W ’13-’14

photos: blacklog

Can fashion reflect reality, and through its language make us think?

Perhaps Haute Couture, an art form that’s the result of study and research, can do it, in its dialogue with the whole world.

Let’s talk about Chanel Haute Couture fashion show fall / winter ’13-’14, a fashion show that is almost equivalent to a perfectly staged theatrical play. And it is no coincidence that I’m talking about stage and scene, because the scene  that was set up inside the Grand Palais is a show that has been designed and produced in an entirely rebuilt theater: the stage with its curtain and the backdrop, the audience and its armchairs.

set design, styling, photography : Giovanna Rotundo

Cheerful cherry afternoon

Hello everyone, nice to meet you again, and welcome to those who are here for the first time. Today I’ll show you a small set that I made in June, the month of cherries.

lemonade party

Lemonade Party

Let’s party!!!

What a perfect match! I fell in love with purple in all of its forms; I got a crush on the yellow that gave me joy, freshness and vitality. What happens if the two colors meet? It’s love at first sight!

What’s that these colors communicate to you?

readings book flower tree

Summer readings

What is summer for you? More like a complete relax vacation, or rather an all fun holiday? And can you find time for a good book?? I hope so, and I hope they are quality readings, whatever your favorite genre.

In this period of time more than other times of the year I, for example, like reading books about art. It feels like the summer heat and the shutters closed for the sun help me to focus (well sometimes the heat actually brings me to fall asleep…)

While I’m in town I like to hole up in galleries and museums to see some exhibitions (ok, I admit that I also benefit from the air conditioning!)

I have different books at hand right now.

1971 contemporary art

5 reasons to see Pistoletto in Milan

Il bagno turco (1971)

Five reasons to see Michelangelo Pistoletto in Milan at the Studio Guastalla.

My desire is to capture that part of the audience who doesn’t know well and do not always understand contemporary art but, I add, would like to. I say “would like to” meaning that they are prepared to handle listening, reading and research, driven by curiosity and enthusiasm.

Michelangelo Pistoletto, a retrospective in Milan titled Riflettiamoci

flat sandals

Bottega dell’Artigiano

I’m happy to show you today some pictures from Bottega dell’Artigiano’s lookbook.

We’re talking about style, leathers, eye-catching shapes and the tradition of Made in Italy.