Top exhibitions and the love for Impressionism

pissarro impressionism


One after another, like cherries.

I’m talking about the exhibitions of Impressionists that are crowding our cities in recent months.

After Monet in Pavia and Renoir at GAM, you’re still in time to see Pissarro at the Stables of the Visconti Castle, Pavia, until June 2nd. Well, if you, like me, lost some exhibitions you can still fix it.

Oh and don’t forget, May 4 will be the last day ofTowards Monet” in Vicenza.

These are probably the most visited exhibitions and the most strategic too; Impressionism by its very nature is easily recognizable and enjoyable. Who doesn’t remember when in school we studied Manet, Monet and Renoir and have enjoyed the use of colors, the immersion in nature bathed in sunshine, the studies of ever-changing lighting conditions.

Yet the same Manet, Monet and Pissarro did not enjoy great fame among their contemporaries; labeled and derided, accused of making paintings that were rough and unfinished, like “palette scrapings”, they were rejected but maybe it’s among them that we find the germ of the painting of the twentieth century.

Can we find here the focus of modern art?

I have seen several Impressionists exhibitions and yet I’ve never been to the Musée d’ Orsay and this is the first note that I will write on my agenda, hoping to tick it soon!

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