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Good reads

It’s never too early to think about Christmas, especially these days. Ok , Halloween is coming with provoking us with its irreverence, scaring us and making us smile, but Christmas has its own charm. Here are some issues from which we can take inspiration to plan the decorations of 2013!

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Summer readings

What is summer for you? More like a complete relax vacation, or rather an all fun holiday? And can you find time for a good book?? I hope so, and I hope they are quality readings, whatever your favorite genre.

In this period of time more than other times of the year I, for example, like reading books about art. It feels like the summer heat and the shutters closed for the sun help me to focus (well sometimes the heat actually brings me to fall asleep…)

While I’m in town I like to hole up in galleries and museums to see some exhibitions (ok, I admit that I also benefit from the air conditioning!)

I have different books at hand right now.