party decor

Workshop – Party Decor


A workshop is on its way for all the friends of Daydreamland!

Today I am really happy, I was looking forward to tell you about this event.

What are you going to do on May 20th at 6 PM? Come and visit me in Milan at Spazio Eclisse – Donna CreAttiva in via Stoppani 20.

Summer is approaching, why don’t we celebrate it together? This workshop will surely give you many original ideas to create a theme party.

Do you want to learn how to make my baubles?

What can you do with an origami?

We will set up a buffet along with garlands, cake toppers, cadeau, cutlery origami container and many small ideas.

Wear something yellow or purple and don’t forget to use the hashtag #wearehere #daydreamland

Info e prenotazioni:
Silvia 3477333024

Giovanna 3338356336

I’ll be waiting for you

brooche handmade atelier de fer

Artisan Cocktails with Atelier de Fer

When we see a project we always ask where it was born, where is the source of inspiration. If you think about it, the answer is often the same, and very simple: the idea was born by chance, maybe while doing something else or simply chatting. We should then be curious to know on what basis a newborn idea can grow and develop, how it can be supported and brought forward.

Talking to Fernanda Muniz (her friends call her Fer) from Atelier de Fer I discovered that from a simple cloth, folded and turned here and there, something wonderful is born.


Be my Valentine

photo: Giovanna Rotundo

From the archive of my first blog in this Valentine’s Day week it’s with pleasure that I propose you the recipe for hot chocolate from my dear friend Maria Rita !
Last year I made ​​this picture and my post was also hosted on Emanuela’s blog – Riccioli di cioccolato.
Are you a fan of chocolate, are you a sweet tooth, are you curious? You can’t miss her blog and her stories about the “places of cocoa”.
An idea to replicate? Serve the hot chocolate in small glass jars … it will be something different!

So many hearts to you all

Happy Valentine’s Day

With Love

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 


Valentine Box

How long since I last wrote on the blog!!! Maybe lately I’ve spent more time on Instagram and Facebook than here, and if you follow me you probably already know a few things that I’m about to tell you.
Busy days, perfume of flowers, full of colors, with so many readings and art books …
I know, it sounds a bit mysterious, so for now I will just tell you about my little project: “Valentine Box”.

come una diva anni cinquanta

Vintage! La moda che vive due volte

Here comes an intense period, the holiday season, Christmas and its preparations, gifts, dinners, aperitifs with friends to get the best wishes, markets and workshops. Today we mark an appointment to which you must not miss: December 6-7-8 Vintage Fair in Reggio Emilia.


Mercanti in viaggio

You know very well that I like to find events here and there and if I could, I would go and look around everywhere, meet new people and learn about their stories, their collections of objects, their products or artifacts.
Today I want to highlight Mercanti in viaggio, a wonderful event about Vintage, handmade, design, new trends, vinyl, swing music and vintage happy hour, which will be held on October 5th and 6th in the beautiful setting of Quistini Castle and its gardens, in Franciacorta.

fashion week - pinterest hub

Pinterest and Fashion Week Hub

Glossy magazines, once the one and only oracle for fashion followers who wanted to know the proposals on the catwalks for next season, have been overcome to a large extent by technology. While thumbing through the web pages of major magazines you are watching streaming fashion shows, and some of you are already looking at photos directly on their smartphone… but how?

Through the Pinterest Hub!!!

New York, London, Milan, Paris… a selected number of boards of brands, magazines, fashion designers who post on social networks runway pictures, backstage shots, street style and many, many details.
You just have to hurry and find out the latest news for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 season, and get ready because the Milan Fashion Week will start on September 18th!

mantova eventi mostra vintage

Voglia di Vintage – Mantova

Why not pop in Mantua in the coming days? Guests can enjoy a city that is a gem, but also events such as the Festivaletteratura (festival of literature) in the period from 4 to 8 September; and for fans of the vintage, the third edition of Voglia di Vintage.

Voglia di Vintage is an Exhibition scheduled on 6-7-8 September in Piazza Virgiliana.

Chanel Haute Couture FW 13/14

Chanel Haute Couture F/W ’13-’14

photos: blacklog

Can fashion reflect reality, and through its language make us think?

Perhaps Haute Couture, an art form that’s the result of study and research, can do it, in its dialogue with the whole world.

Let’s talk about Chanel Haute Couture fashion show fall / winter ’13-’14, a fashion show that is almost equivalent to a perfectly staged theatrical play. And it is no coincidence that I’m talking about stage and scene, because the scene  that was set up inside the Grand Palais is a show that has been designed and produced in an entirely rebuilt theater: the stage with its curtain and the backdrop, the audience and its armchairs.