Artisan Cocktails with Atelier de Fer

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When we see a project we always ask where it was born, where is the source of inspiration. If you think about it, the answer is often the same, and very simple: the idea was born by chance, maybe while doing something else or simply chatting. We should then be curious to know on what basis a newborn idea can grow and develop, how it can be supported and brought forward.

Talking to Fernanda Muniz (her friends call her Fer) from Atelier de Fer I discovered that from a simple cloth, folded and turned here and there, something wonderful is born.

aperitivo artigiano mamusca milano dergano

Lei è l’ideatrice di piccoli e deliziosi accessori, realizzati con tessuti e bottoni vintage, accostati con estro e gusto raffinato.

Ma cosa rende davvero speciale Fer, una ragazza di origini Brasiliane, che vive a Milano con la sua famiglia? Alcuni lo chiamano “gusto”, io ho sentito subito un’affinità con Fer perchè anche lei ama la fotografia e si nutre ogni giorno di immagini. Questo è il suo segreto, abituare l’occhio ad osservare è un lungo e quotidiano impegno alimentato da una grande passione per il bello.

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brooche handmade atelier de fer

stoffe tessuti vintage

Some days ago (sorry daydreamland friends for the delay!) I’ve been at the Workshop “Artisan Cocktails with Atelier de Fer from Mamusca” and for the first time I had the chance to see Fe at work with my own eyes (I’ll let you a secret , I had already thought about going to poke at her house !)

It ‘was a great occasion!

Fer sees what we can’t even imagine: she can take a piece of cloth carefully chosen in flea markets, working on it with a needle she’s able to give it a new shape, each time in a different and original way, first creating a flower, then a bow tie.

An incredible handicraft skill! That’s how I witnessed the birth of my brooch… and many other wonderful things.

porta spilli

FerMuniz Atelier de Fer AtelierdeFer

Time has flown by and we really enjoyed Mamusca, a place I didn’t know and that I now recommend, where you can spend some time in good company, including books, coffee and workshops, many cultural initiatives and a warm and engaging atmosphere.
Don’t miss the next workshop with Fer, a wonderful world awaits you!

mamusca dergano milano

mamusca milano

mamusca foto giovanna rotundo

atelier deFer photo Giovanna Rotundo

brooche atelier de fer


mamusca milano photo: Giovanna Rotundo

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