Valentine Box


How long since I last wrote on the blog!!! Maybe lately I’ve spent more time on Instagram and Facebook than here, and if you follow me you probably already know a few things that I’m about to tell you.
Busy days, perfume of flowers, full of colors, with so many readings and art books …
I know, it sounds a bit mysterious, so for now I will just tell you about my little project: “Valentine Box”. daydreamland
I’m a bit late compared to what I expected, a lot of hustle and bustle, but I managed to prepare the Valentine Box that you’ll find in my e-shop.
Open your hearts and be prepared to share a sweet evening with your sweetheart! Just open the box and a world will be disclosed in front of you: a cake topper to decorate your Valentine’s Day cake, personalized writing paper for your sweet words of love, many small details to decorate your gift and your surprise corner! Find out what’s in the Valentine Box directly on the shop online.

I’m waiting for you!
So many hearts to you all

origami Set design, styling, photography : Giovanna Rotundo

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