Origami cutlery holder tutorial

origami tutorial by daydreamland An idea for your table? Here is a small and simple tutorial for you.
A container for your cutlery or chopsticks, or… find out for yourself!

Where did I use it? Do you remember the now pretty “famous” autumn dinner? I made the cutlery holders I needed with Tiger origami paper.
You only need a nice Christmas paper sheet matching your table to have a cutlery holder for your festive moments!

step one

1 . Start with a sheet of square origami paper, place it on the table with the non-decorated facing you. Fold in half and unfold.

step two

2 . Fold in half both the upper part and the lower one, in order to bring the edges towards the center, then unfold.

step three

3 . Fold the bottom right corner towards the center, to meet the center fold.

step four

4 . Fold the top right corner towards the first fold from top.

step five

5 . Fold the first quarter downwards.

step six

6 . Fold it again downwards.

step seven

7 . Fold the bottom quarter over the parts previously folded.

step eight

8 . Create two folds on the back row of about 0.5 cm to seal the end.

Here is your origami cutlery holder.
And bon appétit!!!

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