Autumn colours set

Hello and good week everyone!

I’m so happy I can show you this animated GIF at last!
I couldn’t wait, I made it with Microsoft GIF Animator so I can now show you the last set that I made.

What’s it all about? Whoever follows me on my Instagram profile  has already caught a glimpse of something, but I kept the best hidden. Have a peek , I’ll show you detailed photos and all the details in the next post!

tiger stationery

A house is… a Tiger box

Hello, I live at number 8, at Tiger house!
A few days ago on my Instagram profile (if you still do not follow me here is the link http://instagram.com/girotundo/#) I posted a picture titled “I got home”: it has red roof tiles, walls in pink and white stripes , a little flower on the window and a bird on the door. What do I want more? Ah, there’s also a cat!