Surf and you’ll meet some cute friends

Marina Rachner

Some time ago on my first blog nelmioangolino  I posted a small collection of images of cute and funny “friends”: warm and cuddly pillows in the shape of cats, owls … Well I picked up other photos on Pinterest following this same theme, but in particular digging pictures that have the same “taste” of the previous ones, that kind of illustration-like vibe and daydream…

 Link: Kidindependent – handmade-dolls; Handmade Charlotte – Plush Bunny LoveWillewopsie – crochetHappado; Anno Nibble photo; The Black Apple bear; Bodieandfou; Garden Therapy; Allison Jones

Here are the pictures with their respective links. I would say that they are not just for kids, oh no! (sounds like I’m trying to justify a possible interest in one of these wonderful “friends”?)
Aren’t they beautiful? What are your favorites?

Thank you for your visit… xxx

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