Be my Valentine

photo: Giovanna Rotundo

From the archive of my first blog in this Valentine’s Day week it’s with pleasure that I propose you the recipe for hot chocolate from my dear friend Maria Rita !
Last year I made ​​this picture and my post was also hosted on Emanuela’s blog – Riccioli di cioccolato.
Are you a fan of chocolate, are you a sweet tooth, are you curious? You can’t miss her blog and her stories about the “places of cocoa”.
An idea to replicate? Serve the hot chocolate in small glass jars … it will be something different!

So many hearts to you all

Happy Valentine’s Day

With Love

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

daydreamland e-shop

Daydreamland e-shop!

I’m delighted to announce that my e-shop is officially open!
I’ve thought about it for a while, or maybe for a lot, actually I don’t remember when I had this idea, maybe when someone told me “Why do not you sell your drawings?”
But then in time my tastes changed and my passions have taken other directions, for example  making decorations for the holidays, realize and take pictures of small sets, enriching them with details.
Do you remember the previous posts, for example the Autumn Set ? Well now you can have it, from my online shop! You can buy individual parts like garlands, tags or confetti, or decide to replicate the entire set!
Some Christmas products will be available soon, but for now you can have a preview.
I’m waiting for you and if you have any question please feel free to email me.

set design, styling, photography : Giovanna Rotundo

Autumn set and free printable recipe

Do you remember my autumn dinner? After making my first animated GIF  I’m now going to show you more detailed photos of the set that I made, I hope you’ll like them and they’ll be a source of inspiration!


Of women and flowers

Let’s try together to interpret this new trend; what do you think? Do you like flowers? Yes, but which flowers?

I’ve seen for a while this new idea on Pinterest, this new concept is also an original way of thinking about floral arrangements.

Is there a lover of flowers among you? Because I’s be glad to talk about it again, I really have a thousand questions.


Alia Penner photography

What bright colors, what fantasy, and how much joy in these photos!
The impact is very strong and you can’t avoid adoring this photo shoot.
When I saw them for the first time I stopped to look at them a bit. They gave me joy and I felt there was something artistic in the air.